Head Therapy

Japanese-style Head therapy

This new Head Spa is

The dirt oil which is usually present at the root of the scalp of the hiar which can't be removed by a shampoo.This new head treatment removes the dirt from the pores.By using this new Head Spa therapy we could guarantee you that all the dirt and oil will be removed as it has the effect of removing the accumilated chemical Wastes.

Spa massage promotes blood circulation knob to different kind of scalp until now, the massage squeeze out the dirt that is present in the pores. This is an anti-aging of the Head Spa Essence of that helps in plenty of penetration

Recommended for those who like!

For Persons with delicate scalp like(e.g)Hair loss,thin hair, cilia etc, A refreshing cleansing product with a blend of peppermint oil with antibacterial effect is also available.

Apply herbal lotion→massage→Micro-mist steamer→Scalp shampoo→Treatment→Scalp massage→anti-aging lotion 40 minutes 2300rupees