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Digital perming

Straightening + layer wave

Japanese Hair Salon

Salon / Gurgaon

Open / 9:00 to 19:30

Holiday / Monday

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Salon / Delhi

Open / 10;30 to 19;30

Holidai / Tuesday

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Shop No 12 Mehrasuli Mahipalpur Road Opp Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070

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Japanese-System Perm / Straight / Colour

We use all products of Japan


/ from Rs.12000

★Curly Style Perming

/ from Rs.10000

★Japanese style Straightening and Smoothing

/ from Rs.12000

★Japanese style Straightening and Smoothing and Mix wavy or Curl

/ from Rs.14000

★Japanese style San-Netsu Treatment / 30 day sustained treatment

/ from Rs.5000

★Japanese system color

/ from Rs.4000

★Hair Cut

/ Rs.4000

all +GST

●Eyelash Extensions

up to 2 hours/up to 100 pieces

/ Rs.3000

up to 20 pieces

/ + Rs.500


/ Rs.1000

Repair/ up to 4 weeks Rs.500 off, However, only those who had eyelash extensions at our shop

all +GST

●Eyelash Lift (Perming) 1.5 houre

/ Rs.3000


●Hair Volum Ex

Not available

100 pieces 1 hour........Rs.3500

200 pieces 2 hours.......Rs.6500

300 pieces 3 hours.......Rs.9500

400 pieces 4 hours.......Rs.12500


Hair Straightening and Smoothing

We are using the finest product of Japan.

About us

This is a Japanese product San-Netsu Treatment developed for middle-aged and older people. It does not straighten hair like keratin treatment. Helps to regain the luster, strength, and feel of hair as it ages. A long-lasting salon treatment that will keep your hair in good condition for about 4 weeks. Moisturizing, strengthening and touching your hair, the gloss will return to your hair. Please try if you have started to feel hair degradation.

from Rs.5000

Eyelash Extensions

Hi,This is ISAO TOKUMI. I am one of the top hair stylist in Japan and I am running two hair salon and Beauty academy in Delhi.

I would like to share my international knowledge and technique of hair dressing with you in my academy.

You can learn not only theory and technique but also professional working experience in my hair salon. I am sure that beauty industries in India is growing faster so stylists who have international skills and knowledge are required in the future here.Learn hair dressing skills and knowledge with us and be an international stylist!!

For detail information please contact

: 91-8447075466

profile : ISAO TOKUMI

Awards:●VIDAL SASSOON Japan cup cutting contest Good cutting AWARD

●Wella Trend award Japan Final nominate

●C.A.T.Japan final Grand champion

●C.A.T.Word cup in France cutting department 1st

●setting department 1st

●Diploma of London Beauty Academy

●Diploma of New York Beauty Academy

●Exclusive instro of Wella in Japan

●Special lecturer of Beauty in Japan.

Eyelash Lift (Perming)

Unlike eyelash extension, it gives natural curls to its own eyelashes. You can get a beautiful curl with just mascara without using a eyelash curler. It lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

Rs.3000 +GST


Learning eyelash extension and eyelash perming


The volume around the head top begins to thin and the volume is reproduced in the hair which lost volume.

We would like to expand the circle of communication through The Hair Design

For more information about the Academy.

Please contact us by phone.

contact: +91 8447075466

VOLUME ex 300 pieces

Japanese style Head Therapy


Creative work


Professional Beauty Delhi

2nd September 2014


Hair cutting show


Japanese-style Salon & B.Academy


+91 8447075466

+91 8447947612


Advanced Hair Special Course

Hair cutting course

Tuesday to Friday

pm 1:30 to pm 4:30

you can learn and understand the cutting skill of Length, Graduation and Layer in this course. Furthermore you can acquire the skill to expand the width of the cut design such as high layer, high gradation etc

Fee:10 Days course Rs.27000

+GST Rs.31869

A pair price Rs.44000

+GST Rs.51920

contact: 08447075466


Any style of cutting hair which you want to learn could be taught to you in an easy and not in a complicated way,like for eg. layer cutting,bob cut,gradation cut etc.



Work of shooting

For more information,please call 8447075466


+91 8447075466

+91 844 7947612